We are a family owned business established June 2013 by brothers Graham and Stephen to deliver the delights of soft serve ice cream creations to Sacramento and the surrounding areas. The mobile catering business initially known as Happy Cow Ice Cream began their endeavors delivering to neighborhood communities; which later, evolved into serving their delicious ice cream creations at community events and local businesses. Their truck became the first successful dessert truck in the greater Sacramento area. As Happy Cow Ice Cream became one of the most recognized food trucks in the Sacramento area and because of the support from the Sacramento area community the small business owners expanded with another truck and re-branded to...


Our mobile soft serve ice cream catering truck was designed by the brothers to be the most advanced dessert truck on the market. In fact the equipment list is so long that the suppliers thought the boys were ordering for a full fledged restaurant when it was being built. The equipment on board is a testament to the commitment that Cowtown has in providing the best possible product for our loyal fans.

We use the most advanced soft serve machine available to provides delicious, fresh ice cream with additional menu items like creamy milkshakes, frozen lemonade, huge banana splits and refreshing ice cold lemonade. On occasion, the team surprises dedicated patrons with items from the secret menu like Wow Cows, Cinn-full puffs and strawberry shortcake.

With the amazing growth of the business and devoted patrons, the family business not only strives to provide wonderful desserts but consistently delivers welcoming customer service.


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